The Apps I Use

From taking notes, automating my computer, to publishing my website, here is a list of some of my favorite apps and services

This is Enough

We are by now painfully familiar with how social media coerces us to paint a smiley face all over our lives.

Politics and Empathy

I believe that politics is a good word, even though we are tempted to believe it represents only the worst of our interactions as a people.

Give Us Your Data

This social contract is rampant in technology: give us your data so we can give you goodies

Lost in the Cosmos

We live in a deranged age. So, let’s hash everything out in a semi-private discussion community

You People Did This

Larger phones are harder to use one-handed, but they are more useful for some other things.

What Sticks With You

From your childhood, there’s the stuff that still holds up, and then there’s everything else

Crafting Systems Suck

Almost invariably when a game includes a crafting system it ends up being one of the least enjoyable parts of the game.

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Radio Ga Ga

A cover version of Queen’s iconic, epic, melodramatic celebration of radio.

Shut Up EP

I have released a new album of cover songs featuring Sufjan Stevens, Purity Ring, The Verve, a golden oldie, and a Disney classic

True Love Waits

A heartbreaking song from Radiohead’s latest album

Joy Division

A friend gave me a Joy Division mixtape to alleviate a gaping hole in my musical education

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Pumpkin Carving

We had a blast carving some pumpkins this year with our housemates and fall weather

Emily and Melee

Emily and Melee were sleeping in, and I had to capture the adorableness

Inherited Books

Some of the books I inherited from dad’s library.

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The Zero Theorem

In Terry Gilliam’s latest film, an eccentric computer programmer named Qohen Leth is waiting for a phone call that will give his life meaning.

To The Wonder

Reclusive writer-director Terrence Malick gives us a film that does not seem concerned with explaining itself

Cloud Atlas

It’s quite the sprawling intertextual panoply!

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A beautiful and moving poem by Arthur B. Sacks about his beloved mentor, expressed in a creative video

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Pixel Portraits

Limitations can be really motivating sometimes.

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