Since launching my music Patreon, one of the top tier rewards I’ve offered is the chance to commission a cover song that I will record and share.

This first one is Queen’s Radio Ga Ga, an epic, melodramatic celebration of the decentralization of an audio medium for tv’s visual revolution. This was commissioned by my first Patreon supporter, my brother Justin.

The original song is more than 5 minutes long, but unlike the tight, no-second-wasted brilliance of Bohemium Rhapsody (over 6 minutes long!), there is a lot of fat worth cutting of this song, in my opinion. And so I have! My cover version tightens things up to around 3:40, a good standard pop song length.

If you have an idea for a cover song and want to become one of my supporters and earn that right to request one, head on over to my Patreon and hop aboard!

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