The Blog

  1. Open social media: microblogging with recasts many of our now-familiar social media concepts in the spirit of open indieweb principles.

  2. A Moment of Appreciation for Kate Bush

    Despite efforts over time to constantly discover new music, there are artists whose work you completely miss.

  3. Let's Play Super Metroid

    I'm releasing a fully narrated playthrough of the Super Nintendo classic Super Metroid!

  4. Metroid: Samus Returns

    This past month, Nintendo released Metroid: Samus Returns for the 3DS, a remake of 1991's Metroid 2: Return of Samus ...

  5. Birdie Walk Cycle

  6. Riding The Mastodon

    What the hell is Mastodon? It's what social media should be: a decentralized open protocol.

  7. Politics and Empathy

    I believe that politics is a good word, even though we are tempted to believe it represents only the worst of our int...

  8. Going and Leaving

    They are not the same thing.

  9. Allow Yourself

  10. Give Us Your Data

    This social contract is rampant in technology: give us your data so we can give you goodies.

  11. Inherited Books

    Some of the books I inherited from dad's library.

  12. True Love Waits

  13. Lost in the Cosmos

    We live in a deranged age. So, let's hash everything out in a semi-private discussion community I created!

  14. Pixel Portraits

    Limitations can be really motivating sometimes.

  15. Sketch #9 - Mike Wazowski

    A time-lapse video sketching Mike Wazowski from Pixar's Monsters Inc.

  16. A new album is on the way, at long last.

    It has been about five years since I produced an original album of material on my own.

  17. 1 Month A.B.

  18. Jekyll FTW!

  19. Sunrise Robot, or What 52 Weeks of Non-stop Podcasting Will Do to You

    This is the story of how we created a podcast network.