Ember Frame

If you are looking to craft quality video content, get thee to Ember Frame!

I’ve just launched Ember Frame on the web.

Ember Frame is the name of my video production company. I chose the name in 2019, while thinking about the way that striking images can glow in your mind, long after you’ve seen them, like the embers left after a good campfire.

I am reinvigorating my Ember Frame video business this year, which is why I’ve taken the time to design a logo and create a web presence for it. The hope is to grow it beyond the “occasional side hustle” freelancer status to something more significant.

Here’s one of my favorite pieces I’ve worked on as Ember Frame. “riverrock” is a poem by Arthur B. Sacks, which I produced with Emily in late 2020:

Of course, I generated a variety of logo lockups, in color as well as dark and light options! Be sure to download the Ember Frame - 4K wallpaper!

Ember Frame Logo - Color Ember Frame Logo - White Ember Frame Logo - Dark Ember Frame Logo - Square Color Ember Frame Logo - Square Light Ember Frame Logo - Square Dark Ember Frame Logo - Wallpaper