Pixel Portraits

I come from a generation that is nostalgic (to a fault) for many things retro, not least of that being the pixelated graphics of early game consoles from Commodore era on up to early 90s.

Pixel Portrait of Mike

As part of my journey to grow in my visual arts skills, on a whim I decided to create a pixel portrait of myself. A nice practice round and also a fun change to my avatar on various web platforms. I limited myself to 32x32 pixels (with an occasional 48x48 for slightly more detailed pixel portraits). I’ve really enjoyed working within those limitations.

Pixel Portrait of Shelby

Pixel Portrait of Bruce

After creating my own pixel portrait, I made a few more of my wife, Shelby, and my dad, Bruce Lee Edwards.

The floodgates have now opened, and I took requests from many friends and acquaintances. I’ve been using the app Pixaki for iPad, though I also have made a few in Photoshop.

Pixel Portrait of Kevin

Pixel Portrait of William

Pixel Portrait of Eric

Pixel Portrait of Alex

Pixel Portrait of Justin

Pixel Portrait of Henry

I’m thinking soon I may graduate to attempting different kinds of pixel art, including landscapes and complete scenes. I also want to dabble in some sprite animation!