Montropo Album Release Show

This is going to be a very special show, the culmination of years of efforts of my friend AndrĂ©s Diaz. I have the privilege of playing »

Gagging Order (Radiohead Cover)

Playing around with the Sony action cam I am borrowing from Jesse Manley. Hope to do some fun urban music video shoots soon with musicians. This »

The Zero Theorem

I caught Terry Gilliam's latest film The Zero Theorem this past weekend with my friend Jon. As a superfan of Brazil, Time Bandits, 12 Monkeys, and »

You people did this, not me.

From John Moltz' iPhone 6 review: Overall, the iPhone 6 is a very nice big phone. I did not particularly want a big phone, but now »

Separating permanent from impermanent

David Lyons in It's Okay Not To Keep Everything: The iterations of my blog over the years have almost always had comments enabled. When I switched »

I Still Haven't Found The Wearable I'm Looking For

Weeks ago Apple unveiled (but did not yet release) their vision for a wearable computing device. Tim Cook described it as the most personal device they »