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  1. Sunrise Robot, or What 52 Weeks of Non-stop Podcasting Will Do to You

    This is the story of how we created a podcast network.

  2. Thinking about Academic Technology in Terms of Disruption Theory

    I've been reading and listening about the concept of 'jobs to be done' of products and services and it's giving me ne...

  3. Montropo album release show

  4. Gagging Order (Radiohead)

    Playing around with a Sony action cam.

  5. The Zero Theorem

    In Terry Gilliam's latest film, an eccentric computer programmer named Qohen Leth is waiting for a phone call that wi...

  6. You People Did This

    Larger phones are harder to use one-handed, but they are more useful for some other things.

  7. Separating Permanent from Impermanent

    Find me in the 'public square' or in email if you'd like to discuss or debate what I've written.

  8. I Still Haven't Found The Wearable I'm Looking For

    Weeks ago Apple unveiled (but did not yet release) their vision for a wearable computing device.

  9. Seattle Vacation 2014

    Shelby and I took our first real vacation in a long time.

  10. Swift Journal: Hello, World in iOS 8

    Now that the Xcode 6 beta is publicly available, I decided to dip my toe into some coding.