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  1. I Don't Care Anymore (Smartphone Edition)

    Should I use an iPhone or and Android phone? Who cares...

  2. To The Wonder

    Reclusive writer-director Terrence Malick gives us a film that does not seem concerned with explaining itself.

  3. Why I Disable Notifications

    I need to disable almost all notifications to keep my sanity.

  4. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

    What did and didn't work in the first Hobbit movie.

  5. Cloud Atlas

    It’s quite the sprawling intertextual panoply!

  6. Some Thoughts On Online Courses

    Answering questions about the nature of online courses and the future of digital education.

  7. Crafting Systems Suck

    Almost invariably when a game includes a crafting system it ends up being one of the least enjoyable parts of the game.

  8. Just Pull On The String

    In my music work, it’s easy to become creatively paralyzed.

  9. Joy Division

    A friend gave me a Joy Division mixtape to alleviate a gaping hole in my musical education.

  10. To Bruce Edwards Jr. on his Birthday

    A tribute to my dad, Bruce L. Edwards Jr.