In late 2010, I put the finishing touches on Genetic Engines, an album of stories and philosophical sketches that remains the thing I’m most proud of, musically speaking. It wasn’t the first thing I had released by any means, but it’s the first time I felt like I wanted to share it beyond friends and family. That I thought it had serious value even if you didn’t know anything about me. It wasn’t just “friend rock.”

I also moved to Denver in the fall of 2010, and through that album met many musicians and other artists, which has led to some profound and wonderful friendships. I started a band and played in others.

Time passed. Suddenly it’s the end of 2015 and I’m hungry to do something new.

Of course I never stopped writing music the past five years. I released an EP in 2012 with my bandmates, and contributed to the albums of friends and even co-composed a film soundtrack. There are also some abandoned (by me) Genetic Engines band recordings that have been collecting dust for a year now (sorry guys!).

But I feel it is time to strike out on a new collection of songs. Something that I’m going to curate and marinate for myself. Something I hope matches in satisfaction and achievement as that first Genetic Engines full length album was 5 years ago, but in a new way. Because I’ve changed. Because things are different.

This isn’t going to make me any money and it may be heard by few, but I am ok with that. I’m more ok with that than I’ve ever been in my life. In fact I don’t really have any plans to play this new material live or aggressively pursue exposure of any sort beyond simple word of mouth and making it available.

It’s also an excuse for me to stretch myself in visual arts. I quit my comfy (and wonderful) academic tech job this year to transition over to graphic design, motion animation and other visual arts work. Work I have very little prior experience in! I couldn’t be more excited about getting to spend my days creating and I have been on a trek of reclaiming my time in pursuit of more room for creativity and expression in both professional and personal life.

I feel more confident than ever, that whatever comes out of this will be representative of me. That I have some new things to say. That I think they’re worth saying. And that I think I can do it in a beautiful and honest way. And I’m privileged that I have the means to pursue this without asking people to pay for it up front (though, if you’d like to support me, I’ve discounted my discography on BandCamp).

This blog post could come off as narcissistic and self-absorbed. It may seem pretentious to some. I don’t intend to sound magnanimous about this. Thousands upon thousands of artists will release great albums by the time I put this thing out. People with better voices or better equipment or more time to refine everything. I don’t mind, though.

I’m writing this to express the great relief and joy in my decision to choose a creative life first and foremost, and to arrange my life so I get to do these things. I’m determined to push excuses and obstacles out of the way.

Of course the only reason I’m in the position to do these things is because of the amazing people in my life who have invested in me, supported me, believed in me. Thanks, Dad. Mom. Shelby. Brothers and sisters. Friends! And Felix…

So anyway, stay tuned, and I hope to have something well-crafted and meaningful to share with the world soon!