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  1. Allow Yourself

  2. Give Us Your Data

    This social contract is rampant in technology: give us your data so we can give you goodies.

  3. Inherited Books

    Some of the books I inherited from dad's library.

  4. True Love Waits

  5. Lost in the Cosmos

    We live in a deranged age. So, let's hash everything out in a semi-private discussion community I created!

  6. Pixel Portraits

    Limitations can be really motivating sometimes.

  7. Sketch #9 - Mike Wazowski

    A time-lapse video sketching Mike Wazowski from Pixar's Monsters Inc.

  8. A new album is on the way, at long last.

    It has been about five years since I produced an original album of material on my own.

  9. 1 Month A.B.

  10. Jekyll FTW!